Queen's Coronation

South Green Sunday School

Below is a photo that was taken in the South Green Sunday School hall at the time of the Queen’s Coronation. Do you remember being there?
South Green Sunday School 1953
I have marked the photo with a No. 1 which is me  and No. 2 which is Suzanne Fage, my younger sister Linda is the little face in-between us so you can only see half of her face. Because we were so young and only living in  Billericay for a couple of years neither of us can remember anything else . I think the  Sunday school was in Beams way opposite the prefabs . We lived in the  second row of prefabs right next to a field. My surname was Drewer.

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  • My copy of this photo somehow is sadly lost but it shows my mother in front, my sister and me and all our friends. I have long lamented the loss of this and often wondered how many survived. My mother is the pretty dark haired lady on the right.

    By Barbara Rogers (01/06/2020)
  • Thanks for adding this Jim, I also have a copy of this photo stored away somewhere. We lived in Beams Way from 1946 to 1958. I am in the photo with my mum (Hilda Sherry), I am just behind the lady in front right who is wearing glasses, my mum is next to me (on my right) in the centre looking straight at the camera. She has a better memory than me and I will ask her if she can identify any others.

    By Phil Sherry (24/12/2014)
  • My family lived in Beams Way from 1946-53 and I went to the Sunday School. I can identify my mother, two brothers and myself. My sister should be there but I cannot see her.

    I am the lad (aged 12) in the back row wearing a King Edward School blazer; brother Peter (10) is to my right (left in the photo) and I seem to be holding my brother Anthony (4). Wendy – my sister – was 6 but I cannot find her. My mother (Roberta or Bobbie) is immediately behind the left hand front adult.

    By Bob Watts (13/08/2014)

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