The Wonder of Woolies

An affectionate look back at the Billericay Branch of Woolworth's

By Jim Devlin

Click on the image below to see a compilation of photos taken in Woolworth's. This video was made available on YouTube and we think it was made by a former member of staff. Is this you natyep?

This page was added by Jim Devlin on 04/03/2012.
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This is my sisters video she made.

By Gemma
On 01/06/2014

Great to see this video as my uncle was manager here in the 70s.

By Arnold Brewer
On 22/10/2014

I worked at Woolies in the 60's on a Saturday, I was paid 12 shillings and 6 pence.  They put me on the sweet section where I had to weigh them and take the money. My friend Janice Hargreaves just had to fill up the shelves.  I didn't stay there very long, I think I kept giving the wrong change lol !


By Pam Routledge
On 08/12/2014

Does anybody remember Roger Adams who worked here around 1965/1966? 

By Roger adams
On 31/03/2016