Gt. Burstead County Primary Teachers

By Sue Odell

The photo above shows teachers at Great Burstead County Primary in Laindon Road believed to be from the 1950s.

Can you name any of them?

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  • Strange feeling to see your name mentioned in the blog.
    This got my memory going and I felt motivated to write down some of my memories with a couple of photos called Junior School Trip

    By John Davison (17/04/2022)
  • I went to this school from aged 8 in 1956, and remember Miss Ager and Mrs Butler and loved them both. Miss Ager lived in Sun Street
    I remember classmates Sarah Mepham, Judy, Stephen, and Alex (who was very tall).
    We played on the field and the jungle gym and did head/hand stands against the hut, and used to swing smaller children around holding one leg and one arm!
    Sports day had a slow bike race… last one home wins! I high-jumped in district sports at age 10/11.
    I remember having weekly spelling tests, and one week I forgot the homework, so in a panic, ran home to Shanklin Avenue in lunch break to get it, and went hungry!
    We sat in groups of 6 in year 6, and I was caught with a book being passed round and round. The punishment was to do a presentation on wool (I think) which had to last 15 minutes. Being incredibly shy, I was ill for a week, but mum made me go back to school and do it. Then teacher (Mrs butler I think) made me do it twice through!

    By Angela Geddis (nee Rand) (23/02/2021)
  • Happy memories. Miss Ager third from left in the back row. Joan Ashman, who taught me all the songs I still remember and sing and next to her Tom Williams who taught the 11 plus exam class. I started school age 4 in1947 and am still friends with Anthea Curry who started with me.

    By Marion Chappell (nee Baker) (21/02/2021)
  • I remember Mr Doyland. He was my teacher in 3rd and 4th year junior school 1963/65. I really liked him. He used to often talk about his son in the Navy. Our class went on a week trip to Kent in April 1965 (kids in the class: Julie Whitlock, Jean Bridges, Judith Douglas, Winifred Whitehead, John Davison, Michael Jepson, Paul Reeves, Susan Waldy……).

    By Susan BIRT (née Robertson) (24/01/2021)
  • I lived in the school house with my husband Ron Cater and my daughter Stephanie. My son, Nicholas Cater, was born in the school house. I did not teach here until 1961 or 2.

    By Maida Davy (formerly Cater) (13/01/2021)
  • The teacher at the end of the back row on the left was my father, Ron Cater. My mother Maida Cater was also a teacher at the school but is not in the photo. We lived in the school house from 1957-1964 after which we moved to Hampshire.

    By Steph Burns (09/01/2021)
  • I Remember Miss Pike, I was very young and vaguely remember her wearing glasses which tapered into the corners, the type worn in the 1960’s I also remember if I’m not mistaken she could hurl a chalk at someone talking, and was an excellent shot.

    By Paul Butterworth (25/07/2020)
  • The lady in the centre is of course Mrs Roy (formerly Miss Burch), the junior head teacher, although I remember her with grey hair! Next to her is Miss Pike, a small petite lady. I think she suffered from a bad back and couldn’t lift her arms very high and therefore had difficulty writing on the blackboard. When I was in Tom Williams class in 1958, I went into school early in the morning and wrote the class notes up for her on the blackboard with chalk.

    By Terry Lockhart (24/11/2019)
  • What a surprise to discover this photo. My thoughts on the names are:
    Back Row: Mr Cater, Mr Doyland, Miss Ager, Florrie Powell, ??, Ray Williams
    At right – Jean Douglas or Myra Gay
    Front Row: Rosemary Adam, Joan Ashman, Tom Williams, Mrs Roy, ??, Mrs Cater, Jean Butler

    By John Adam (13/11/2019)

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