Quilters Junior School Centenary Celebrations in 1978

Memories from Year 4

To mark the centenary of the school all pupils at Quilters took part in a historical pageant.  As I remember each class was allocated a different historical period to ‘illustrate’ during the pageant. My class at the time (4th year; Mrs Howells was, I think, our teacher – a small, pleasant, Welsh lady) learnt about period games such as the hoop and stick.  I also seem to recall all of the girls wearing smocks. The actual pageant took place in the summer on the school field.

Each pupil at the school was also given a blue commemorative mug and there was also a painting competition – everyone was given a picture of the old school building – with the bell tower (where the Ivory Rooms and the Fold are now) and we coloured it in with paints.  I do not know what the prize was or who the winner was.

I also remember that pupils from the Billericay School (Billericay secondary school as it was then generally known) created a mural on the wall of the newest school buildings; I think this may also have been for the centenary.

The Centenary celebrations took place in a year after the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977, when I remember each pupil being given a white commemorative mug and a silver coin.

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  • I think a Jubilee mug is still knocking around my mother’s house somewhere. I’m sure I saw it recently.
    I remember Mrs Howell very well and am very grateful to her. She taught me to play the recorder…and I still love to play it now 42 years later!

    By Colin Knightley (17/11/2020)
  • Jackie Welch won the painting competition I believe. I took part in a dancing demonstration at the pageant.

    By Nerina Walls (27/03/2020)
  • I can remember the pageant and taking part, Mr Howell lived near me on Wiggins Lane, she was such a lovely lady!

    By Glenn middleditch (22/01/2020)
  • I was in year 1, I think, and we were asked to remember the Great War period. I dressed in an army uniform.

    By Alistair Millar (14/05/2011)

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