3. No. 114

Marshall's Newsagents - now demolished

By Jim Devlin

Number 114 was a double fronted newsagent and tobacconists shop in the 1950's. As can be seen from the photograph the name over the shop was Marshall. If you look at the newspaper boards there are a couple of stories of local interest.

Photo: Illustrative image for the '3.  No. 114' page

The Southend Standard board says " Basildon Water - Why Should Southend Pay?". Does anyone know what this was about?

The Billericay Times has a board with an issue that was of high interest in the Cold War 1950's. "Billericay to Expand Civil Defence". The Civil Defence Corps was a civilian organisation which came under the control of the local authority, in this case Billericay Urban District Council. It was established in 1949 to deal with the situation in the aftermath of a nuclear attack and it was disbanded in 1968.

It is interesting to note that Marshall's was a sub-office for the Billericay Times.

This building no longer exists and was where Waitrose is today.  

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