Zeppelin L32

The Billericay Zeppelin

Film of the L32 which crashed in Billericay at Snails Hall Farm, just of Greens Farm Lane, in the early hours of 24th September 1916 can be found by clicking here. The Billericay Zeppelin is the first one on the film which is completely wrecked (the first 2 and a half minutes)

You can also listen to Winifred Amy Hall in an Imperial War Museum interview made in 1992. Winifred was a British civilian hospital worker with Duke of Rutland’s Hospital in London, GB, 1914-1916; private served with Women’s Auxiliary Army Corps in GB and France, 1917-1918; she lived close to Billericay and saw the Zeppelin come down. Click on the play button below.

The recording is copyright of the Imperial War Museum ©IWM and the full recording can be found here http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/80012042


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  • During the early 80s I was working at a pensioners flat complex in Laindon, Basildon, painting and decorating. One lovely elderly lady whose name I cannot recall told us (me & my work colleague) at teatime, the story of her being a child and witnessing the shooting down of a Zeppelin near her farm at Billericay. She ran out in the night watching the craft burning and hearing airmen screaming as they fell burning. One man she came across had smashed through a heavy, well built, farm gate. Very traumatic. She also impersonated the sound of the attacking British plane firing incendiary bullets. Incredible hearing someone recreating a piece of history with sound although obviously in her own way. My friend and I had the most interesting tea and dinner breaks with her. Lunchtime meant she brought out her best China for us and great stories of local life during both world wars. It’s the details of a lost social life told by a fascinating, lovely lady.

    By Gareth Williams (20/11/2019)

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