South Green Scenes

Old Postcards from my collection
By David Twitchet

The scenes below come from postcards that I have collected. Some places are easy to recognize but others are more difficult. We all know the Plough by the Green, now the Doctor’s surgery, and the King’s Head at the edge of town at what used to be called Slice’s Gate. But where was Goodeys and can you identify where the cows are grazing? Finally where was Rose Cottage or is it still there and can anyone identify where the roadway picture was taken.

The Plough at South Green
The Kings Head at Slice's Gate
Rose Cottage
Goodey's at South Green

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  • I was really interested in your photos of South Green as my late mother Joy Balls lived there for many years with her brothers Will and Peter and parents William and Edith. What really caught my eye was ‘Carmine’ on the gate of the Rose Cottage photo as I have seen that a few times including on my Grandfather’s death certificate from 1947. I am also familiar with Rose Farm and Rose Cottage too. I have a photo of my family outside ‘Carmine’ if you like to me to send. Thanks Tim

    By Tim Hewitson (28/12/2020)
  • I am fairly sure that Rose Cottage was situated along an unmade track by the bend in the Southend Road and diagonally opposite The Plough P.H. in South Green. The house at the very end of the track had a lifeboat parked outside it. I would be interested to know how it got there and what happened to it. I am also fairly sure that Avril Watts lived in Rose Cottage. I sat next to her in Tom William’s class in 1958 when at Gt. Burstead Primary School.

    By Terry Lockhart (22/02/2020)
  • Goodey’s Stores was next to Walden’s Garage where I bought petrol at 5/2d a gallon to put in my Ford Anglia 105E. No self service pumps in those days!

    By Terry Lockhart (16/02/2020)
  • I remember Miss Goodey’s sweet shop when a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate was 6d and a special treat. The shop was on the Southend Road, facing the Green and past the garage and newsagents, heading east towards Wickford.

    By John (06/02/2020)

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