Memories of Maple Mead

South Green
By Lynda Thompson

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I lived at 2 Maple Mead in South Green until when I was about 6 years old. I went to South Green Infants School, this would have been about 1963-1964. I remember our class room was in a portacabin and we had a great big rocking horse in the corner of the room. The teacher (I can’t remember her name) kept a big jar of sherbet pips in her store cupboard and we all got some if the class had been good. The Head Mistress was called Mrs Scott-Farthing and I was scared stiff of her. Around the Christmas period I was chosen to be an angel in the nativity play and I was collected from the class everyday to practise. I used to cry my eyes out because I was scared stiff of the Head Mistress. Quite often I would run home at the thought of it!

Our next door neighbours were Mr and Mrs Staines and their daughter Jaqueline and the people upstairs at No.1 were Mr and Mrs Martin. There was a huge field opposite our flat which was always full of cows and I remember watching them as we stood at the bus stop waiting to go in to town. We would often go to the museum in the High Street which had a two headed lamb and I think a penny farthing. There was a little park round the corner from Maple Mead and I would spend many happy hours playing in it and visiting friends.

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