Status Quo in Billericay

Live at Mayflower School
By Jon Higgins

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On the 13th of May 2021 it will be 50 years since Status Quo appeared live in concert at Mayflower school.

‘Quo were already quite well known and had recently enjoyed a couple of decent hits with “Down the Dustpipe” and “In My Chair” so as a moderately pop-aware 13-year-old I decided give this concert a go. That night ‘Quo turned out to be a versatile blues-boogie band, performing much of their current album and some songs from their next album including “Railroad” which was the highlight of evening for me.  “Grass” turned out to be the latest incarnation of Harmony Grass, whose shortened moniker signalled a marked change in direction for them from pop to guitar-based rock; a little later they become “Capability Brown”. My overarching memories of it now is that the music was fantastic and that I was both astonished and delighted how loud it was.

I went to this concert neither as a ‘Quo fan nor an ardent music fan but came away an enthusiastic music fan keen to listen to a diverse mix of music – so that was a good day at school! It was nice to “square the circle” when I saw Status Quo at the Colston Hall several years ago with the original line up (less bassist Alan Lancaster).

Interestingly, this was just the first of the “Mayflower rock concerts”. There were at least two others, but I can’t remember the names of all of the bands that performed: Danta was definitely one of them, and possibly Barnabus and Byzantium too – can anyone help? In one of the “Mayflower rock concerts” Andy Green, our metalwork teachers’ band, Castle Rock, played a brilliant set of cover versions (Andy Green played lead guitar).

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  • I well remember Status Quo… they cost the school £250 I think. As I and my friends, Guy Chinery, John Parker Smith and Andy Page were involved with the drama group we got to operate the (very limited) lighting controls…

    By Tim Stott (22/04/2022)
  • A little bit of digging on the internet revealed that Thin Lizzie played Mayflower School on 9th February 1972. The day before they had played Chelsea Village in Bournemouth and went on to play at St. David’s College, Lampeter the following night. Musicians on the road had a punishing schedule in those days.

    By Editor (15/06/2021)
  • Yes, remember this, it was our PE teacher Mr. Clark who sorted this. He also got Thin Lizzy to appear.

    By Chris Lanham (12/06/2021)

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