Billericay School 1964-1968


I attended Billericay School from 1964-1968 when I lived in Ramsden Bellhouse. A coach/bus picked us up to take us to school and again to take us home. We also used to pick up pupils from Stockwell Hall for school. The attached photograph shows  friend James Mckenzie, left, and yours truly on a trip to Canterbury c.1966

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  • Does anyone in the 1968 class (give or take a year either side) know a boy (he may have left just before and been more like 19 or so) who dated a girl called Pat Patterson? He may have been an Irish lad?

    By hkintheuk (29/05/2022)
  • Yes, I was friends with Alfie Russell when we lived in Ramsden Bellhouse – his father had a basket business. I remember all the canes and reeds stored in his factory (same site as his home) – believe it was in Ramden Park Road (?).

    By John E Burton (23/06/2019)
  • Yes I remember Alfie Russell, he had thick auburn hair & his family had a farm.

    By Carol Lawrence (16/03/2019)
  • I remember James McKenzie

    By Carol Lawrence (16/03/2019)
  • Do you remember Alfie Russell..?

    By Patricia Wooler...was Ebdon. (05/03/2019)

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