The Rising Sun

History Revealed by development

During the re-development of the Rising Sun public House at Sun Corner a number of aspects of the buildings history have once again been revealed which have been hidden for many years.

When the outside rendering was stripped away some of the old painted signs were revealed and the builders have been kind enough to take some picture for us so that there can be a record kept once these are again covered.

The painted sign on the east side of the building reads R. A. Knight.  We know from trade directories that Robert Knight was the proprietor around 1922/25.

The Rising Sun Hotel sign is on the front of the building over the door nearest Sun Corner.

The other pictures show a detail from an internal chimney at the back of the building in the lower part along Laindon Road.  The date 1939 is clearly visible but the word(s) above the date are harder to make out – can anyone read them? These photos also show some of the structure of the old walls. This part of the building has been demolished.


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  • Simon and Garfunkel came to a folk evening hosted by Great Burstead Church in the 60s. It was held in a barn at a farm at the bottom of Grange Road and Mill Rd. My parents helped The Rev G. Holley put on the event and did the cooking. I remember the evening because Paul Simon had a sore throat and my mother gave him warm vinegar and sugar to gargle. There was a raffle and one of the young people from the church won their LP. I remember the barn was full of young people.

    By Susan Barton (14/06/2021)
  • Paul Simon lived in Brentwood at this time and was playing gigs all over the UK. You may recall the story of him sitting on a station (Preston, Wigan and Blackburn all claim it was there) and writing Homeward Bound.

    By Editor (13/06/2021)
  • My brother Les used to go the folk club in the 60s, he remembers seeing an American guy play to about 10 people, his name was Paul Simon.

    By Bill Pipe (10/06/2021)
  • Who where the resident trio group who ran the Billericay folk club Friday nights at the Rising Sun in the sixties?
    Greg ?
    ? Downs (female)
    ? ?
    Anyone remember the names?

    By Gary (05/01/2021)
  • The writing on the internal stack on the chimney detail photos reads 1st? Oct 1939.

    By Dave twitchett (18/10/2019)
  • Who were the resident group at the Friday night folk club? Some great people were there I wonder if any are now famous.

    By Betty (23/07/2018)
  • Pete Jones I think I was one of your friends, we had some great nights. Were you in the Scouts which were held in the same hall.

    By G Jackson (03/01/2018)
  • My friends and I used to go to Billericay Folk club held on Friday nights (I Think) back in the late 60s which was held in the Rising Sun

    By Pete Jones (01/01/2018)

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