Memories of St Andrew's Hospital & the Burns Unit

By Ian Fuller

I came to Billericay for the first time in February 1956. After initial treatment at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington following an accident at work resulting in a broken arm, I was transferred to Billericay Hospital for follow-up treatment.  Recently re-housed by the then LCC in Hutton I had little idea where Billericay was, let alone its hospital. I discovered that City Buses went to Billericay. Getting off of the bus near the Police Station I walked the length of the High Street to eventually find St Andrew’s Hospital. On a return visit for a minor operation in 1970 they produced a dusty folder containing my original notes from 1956. I wonder what became of them.

On a day in 1982 on my daily communte to work along the High Street to Chelmsford I was surprised to find it completely devoide of cars and lined with no waiting signs.  I later discovered it was being kept clear for a Royal visitor who wwas due to open the then new burns unit in the hosptial.

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  • I’d like to thank this hospital for reconstructing my foot after it was crushed when I was around 5 years old I’m now 37 and wonder if you would still have my records.

    By Steven cooper (11/02/2022)
  • 3rd degree burn to my hand left me visiting St. Andrews in 1977. I spent a lot of time there that year and many years after. Would not have a hand if it weren’t for all the surgeons and nurses.

    By Bridie Murphy (09/11/2021)
  • Hi I too had a 25000 volt shock on the railway in 1987 and would like to thanks all the girls and surgeons. I do remember surgeon CC Walker for saving my leg and two nurses, one named Ann and one named Evi , thank you all.

    By Shaun wells (26/09/2019)
  • I thank St Andrews Hospital for saving my life after I was electricuted on the railway in 1974

    By Anthony Cilia (30/05/2018)

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