8. No. 120

To the left hand side of the photograph can be seen number 118 which was destroyed by fire and is boarded up. This building was demolished in 1958. On the other hand number 120 dates from post WWI and is thus an oddity in Billericay High Street in being neither very old nor post 1960. Currently this building houses the Chimi Changa restaurant which was previously the Village Grill. Prior to becoming the Village Grill the shop was called Second to None and sold all sorts of cheap goods from linens to crockery.

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  • I remember going in this building when it was oxfam and my mum always called it the midwifes house

    By maggie (13/09/2013)
  • i remember this being an amazing oxfam shop in the late seventies- bargains galore! before they all got uniform yellow plastic door handles n blue name signs!n the prices went up!

    By imogen gray (12/09/2013)
  • I do believe that this house was once the District Nurses residence.

    By Robin Lockhart (14/08/2013)
  • I believe prior to this building being demolished it was ‘Oxfam’ closed because of a fire.

    By Jenny Hooker (24/07/2013)
  • The building on site in 2013, occupied by Chimi Changa, is not the property as shown here. The current building was put up in 1986, when the property illustrated was demolished.

    By John Buchanan (09/01/2013)

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