High Street then and now

Things have got a little busier!

100 years ago
The High Street today
Jim Devlin
circa 200 years ago

Take a look at these two photos, the first from the early years of last century, 1910 or earlier, and the second very recently, although not any busier as the photo was taken early on a Sunday morning. The other picture is an engraving showing the High Street in a much earlier time and surprisingly shows many more people than the other two.

A lot has changed in the intervening 100 years – can you spot the changes?


One change that we can see is the bay to this side of the tower is semicircular not square in the engraving.

What other changes have happened in our High Street and do you have photographs we could put on this site.

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  • c. 1997 we were delighted to move to a High Street with several book shops, embroidery & art supplies, Kitts of beloved memory, office suppliers, several butchers, a proper fish shop, two or three shoe shops, greengrocers & butchers.

    By Kate Gilbert (22/07/2015)

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