By Betty Wollard

I was at Foxcroft in 1952 to 1957, but went back at weekends for another year to 1958. I remember Suzy Hayward and brother Johnny, and have some pictures to show them if they contact me. I can recall many of the children there at that time and would welcome anybody contacting me. Miss Nisson was in charge at the time prior to Aunty Betty taking over from her. I also remember Mrs Staythom who came in daily to hep out.

I remember one Christmas when the American Air Force came to give us presents.

I was one of the children who went to Chelmsford whilst Foxcroft was refurbished.

I also believe I was one of the first children to go abroad on holiday with the school, when we visited Switzerland.

I remember the times with fond memories and am keen to hear from any other people who were at Foxcroft at the same me.

Betty Woollard

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  • I remember you Betty, you were older than me and I remember you as being very glamorous

    By Peter Tagg (20/05/2020)
  • I was there around 1963 at Christmas time. Some American people came and took me and a boy called Danny to their house for dinner, it was thick snow and it seemed magical. It always sticks in my mind, lovely people.

    By Teresa (25/12/2018)

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