By Peter Tagg

I was at Foxcroft from circa 1952-1956 and have some very happy memories. The Matron was a Miss Nissim a quite patrician lady of the old school. The home was a remarkable change for me from the life I had experienced living with my grandma in a Dunmow council house where there was very little food, so arctic role and hot baths and birthday parties were a big change. The gardens tended by the possibly war wounded lovely lame gardener were a revelation. I think it was an Auntie Jane who used to organise races and games, but generally we kids invented our own amusements in the small coppice at the rear. Holidays were spent at Clacton, in a hotel! My first experience of the sea.

One name I remember is Paul Millard is one, although I think as an older boy he lived away and came to stay every so often. The home was relocated temporarily to Moulsham near Chelmsford for a while, I imagine so that Foxcroft had renovation work done although we never quite knew the reason.

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  • I remember the Smiths, I was one of the Berner brothers.

    By Steve Berner (25/04/2018)
  • I lived at Foxcroft early 70s with my 4 brothers the Smith brothers John, Peter, Paul and Joe, I’m Andy, the youngest. I had a best friend there Ron Bush, who I’ve just seen on another post of Foxcroft. I remember the woods an after then I forget the uncles name but strict he was, out of the army I think. Used to punish me a lot but I was naughty lol . Three sisters were there Donna , Denise , Deborah, love to hear from anyone that remembers me as this was my childhood home.

    By Andrew smith (23/04/2018)

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