Memories of Lockers

My Childhood Home

I was bought up in Lockers on the Southend Rd from 1950 to approx 1962 after we came home from India. I remember the Coronation in 1953 very well, my father hired a TV with a 12 inch screen. The house had garden of 5 acres (sadly built over since then). We had a gardener called Quarterman and aptly named sine he really was small; he had 10 children and lived in an old windmill about half a mile away. At the front of the house was a beautiful Cedar tree which I see is still standing. My Grandmother lived in No. 22 High St, see photo.

Our doctor was Dr. Gunter and one of his relations died in one of the Comet crashes. Butchers name was Aldeslade and the local store was Pattens (no supermarkets in those days). There was small Ritz cinema in Chapel Street. I used to go by bus to school, St Michael’s Chelmsford at St Michaels kindergarten, passing through Stock, where I used to have riding lessons. We went to church every Sunday at the church situated between Chapel Street and the High Street. The lights outside the house were lit by gas and you could hear the trains being steamed up in the days when they were steam driven. Billericay to Liverpool St. was electrified later.

If the current owners of Lockers read this I would love to pay them a visit, please contact me through the website.

No. 22 High Street, where my Grandmother lived

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  • I have plenty of old photos. In those days the garden covered 5 Acres with a double tennis court and Arbortoreum with some fantastic trees. There was a coach house with about 4 stables and a huge hay loft.

    By Richard Harington Hawes (30/07/2018)
  • Hi Richard,
    I have added some memories of my own here
    Thank you Richard for provoking some wonderful memories.
    Yes Richard, I do remember you!!

    By Robert Grieve (17/07/2018)
  • Dear Richard,

    It was a pleasant surprise to read that you used to live in Lockers Hall many years ago. I grew up next door in Millers, and have always been fascinated with what the Lockers Hall Estate would have looked like prior to Weir Wynd development. Dr Cuthbert, who my parents bought Millers from in 1983, actually used to live in Lockers before having Millers built in the grounds. The old iron gates and part of the old garden wall are still there, as is the very mature Camelia next to the gates. I contacted Mrs Cuthbert many years ago now to see if she had any old photos of the grounds before development, she didn’t, but she wrote a very vivid description of what was there, including all the specimen conifers, and the grass tennis court etc. I remember Mrs Cuthbert saying that she also got the developers prosecuted for cutting down some of the protected species of trees, eg a punch bark tree. She mentioned that the owner imported them from abroad.
    I would absolutely love it if you had any old photos of the grounds, or simply sharing some further memories. I believe your father was a colonel?
    Best wishes

    By Simon Walker (27/05/2018)

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