Town Sign Unveiling

Perry Green 1953

We are trying to name the people in the photograph below, can you help?

This photograph was taken at the unveiling of the Billericay Town Sign on Perry Green, London Road. The sign was erected by the Billericay Society to commemorate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. We know that No. 6 is Mrs Cater, President of the Society, who donated the sign and No. 3 is Geoffrey Amos who designed and carved the sign; No. 4 is John Burrows JP

The photo was produced by Valerioa Studio in the High Street

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  • I believe number 10 is Rev. S. Powley, Vicar of Billericay at the time.

    By S.W.Amos (25/08/2021)
  • Number 8 is the Rev Wilkinson who lived at The Manse Chapel Street.

    By Dorothy Cullum (Dyball) (29/04/2020)
  • Geoffrey Amos (number three) designed and carved the sign which became a prominent feature of the town for nearly forty years. It was refurbished several times but was finally found to be beyond repair in 1993 and replaced by the current sign donated by the Billericay Society. The old sign was presented to the Cater Museum where the panel bearing the BILLLERICAY name was found to be in reasonable condition. After cleaning and preserving it was mounted on the wall of the landing to the second floor of the museum.

    By Ian Fuller (07/10/2019)
  • From another picture of this event in the Cater Museum I can identify No 3 as Geoffrey S Amos, No 4 is John H Burrows JP, while No 6 is Mrs Anita Cater. She purchased 74 High Street, Billericay, enabling a museum to be set up in the town.

    By Ian Fuller (01/07/2019)
  • This sign was put up by a local group, the Billericay Society, not by a council. Thus there are no officially held minutes at the Essex Record Office. The Billericay Society has not kept a record of who is in the photo bar those that have been recognized.

    By Editor (05/05/2019)
  • This may help although not directly associated with the post. I myself was a member of Rochford Parish Council, I designed the current Rochford sign (simalar to your unvailing). Chelmsford record office by law has to hold Council meeting minutes dating back years and years, the people on this picture will surely be minuted. If it was an official event. you may need to make an appointment at Chelmsford to view.

    By k attridge (05/05/2019)
  • Although I lived in Wickford, I had many friends in Billericay, one of whom was Robert Porteous who lived with his parents in a house which fronted onto Perry Green. I remember the sign being erected and as I recall, it carried some kind of sponsorship by the Council for the Protection of Rural England so, consequently, Perry Green became known among we rather disrespectful Goon Show fans as “Rural England”.

    By Chris Jessiman (06/08/2018)
  • I think number 2 is Brian Edwards who was a solicitor.
    Number 5 is Mrs Smith the wife of the Vicar of Billericay up to early 1950s, I sang with her in the choir at the Parish Church Number. Number 7 might be Mr Blatchford who was a member of Billericay branch of CPRE

    By Robert Coward (20/02/2018)
  • I think number 8 is the Methodist or United Reform minister, the Rev Wilkinson. He lived in the Manse in Chapel Street. I was in the Girls Brigade with his daughter Mary.

    By Susan Barton (25/10/2017)

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