Parade 1970

These photos were taken by Rev. Albert W. Welch (then of Billerica, Mass, USA.), in Billericay during a trip in 1970. They have been converted and ‘cleaned’ by his Son in Law, Sam Brainerd.

It is not clear whether this is the annual town show/carnival parade or as suggested by Sam Brainerd who provided the photos,  was a parade in honour of the 350th anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower to Massachusetts in 1620. Either way the photos are over fifty years old!

Sam Brainerd says “Rev. Welch was scheduled to preach at a church in Billericay on July 19, 1970. If you have any information on when the parade took place, I would love to know the date. The slides were developed in August 1970.  From the angle of the parade photos they were taken from the second floor of 22 High Street, looking towards 33 High Street, Farrer’s Funeral Home.”

More photos will be added as we receive them.

Are you in any of the pictures or do you recognise anyone that is?  Do let us know with a comment.

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  • Any one got any photos of the 1960 carnival it was the first one after the war

    By Miriam Burgess (09/03/2022)
  • Was there always a fair at sun corner after the carnival? I remember going every year with my family…I was never in a float, but I think I walked with the brownies one year.

    By Karen Higgins (09/03/2022)
  • Yes this was the annual Billericay Carnival that was always well attended in the 70’s
    My Dad – Ted Hooper was a committee member at that time and helped organise the event throughout the 70’s and early 80’s
    I used to help Dad in the late 70’s when in my teens and was on the Rugby Float some years
    Happy Days !

    By Peter Hooper (09/03/2022)
  • Mrs Jean King, her daughter Annabel and her Mum are in several photos outside Westminster Bank (Natwest). She is the tall lady wearing a green dress and glasses, notably in photo 22. Jean, her husband George, Michael and Annabel were our next door neighbours .

    By Christine Abbey (17/01/2022)
  • I believe that the family with the children with no clothes on could be the Smart family from South Green. The mother looks a carbon copy of her daughter from the 90s with very blonde hair. They lived near the school and Beams Way

    By Sarah (15/01/2022)
  • I believe the parade was Saturday July 18th (my mums birthday). I rode in the parade in a miniature version of the Mayflower that my uncle built.

    By Jill Thorn (14/01/2022)
  • I am not in these pictures but in 2012 I was massaging 5 Olympic Athletes from the University of Southern California Track team. I grew up in Billerica Massachusetts from 1952- 1965. I was on that street.

    By Bill Theriault (14/01/2022)

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