The Pilgrim John Howland

By Judy Parmenter

Judy Parmenter is a descendant of John Howland, servant-cum-secretary to one of the Pilgrims. In this short talk she will describe his contribution to the Mayflower story and how she is related.

Judy lives in Ingatestone.

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  • As John was described as a servant, I imagine he had already up sticks to work for John Carver, who had been living in The Low Countries. So any property would have already been accounted for. He is unlikely to have had more than a chest, particularly as a servant. The ship took 2 months to reach America – give or take a few days. I hope that helps.

    By Judy Parmenter (12/10/2020)
  • Hello I have several questions, maybe you could answer. In the Fens where John lived, did he sell his belongings in the UK such as his furniture and take just a chest, or did they take more on the ship the Mayflower?
    My son when I told him the story of John falling off the ship asked, “How long did it take for the ship to reach America?”, thankyou

    By Paul Butterworth (07/10/2020)

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