The Pilgrim Myles Standish

By Siân Lang

Siân Lang is a descendant of Myles Standish, the Pilgrim Fathers’ military commander. In this short talk she will describe his contribution to the Mayflower story and how she is related.

Siân lives in Billericay and has spoken on many topics at previous History Fairs.

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  • He is my Great Grandfather 18th removed. I think it is amazing all the family he has connected to him.

    Editors note: This comment was originally posted on YouTube and as yet we don’t have the commenters name.

    By scoutakh76 (01/09/2021)
  • Well done Sian!

    By Lisa Horner (21/02/2021)
  • Hello Paul, thanks for your comments. I love the idea that Miles Standish may have met up with his fellow sailors at the Kosthuree or possibly Brown Sugar as I believe that was originally part of the same house. I’ve been to the Prospect of Whitby but not the Spread Eagle so that will have to be added to my list. I watched the YouTube video you mentioned and really enjoyed it; thanks for the recommendation. Did you ever see the Facebook page I did in 2017 “On this Day in Billericay” which had a story for each day of the year taken from old local newspapers?

    By Sian Lang (10/10/2020)
  • Fascinating post Siàn about your family connection to the Mayflower, I too am fascinated by the History of Billericay. The Dutch connection to Captain Standon is an interesting one, Billericay back then was on the trading route to Tilbury via the ‘Tilbury Road’ which was of great maritime importance at that time; I read that from the Heights of Billericay High Street, Tilbury could be seen.
    I also wonder how the forefathers of the Mayflower selected Captain Standon, wonder if he met up in Billericay or Tilbury. It’s also said that the contingent met and stayed in Billericay the night before departure.
    Captain Standon as the Military expert for the enterprise, I would assume his character, reputation & references would be of great importance to the leaders of the Mayflower, for he after all would be in charge of defence, logistics in the New World, a big responsibility.
    Four Billlericay residents leaving from Billericay including Christopher Martin the Mayflower Ships Governor, wonder if they met at some point in the now Tandoori Restaurant which is believed to be Chistophers home? Fascinating.
    This may also be of interest to you , this year whilst frequenting fine English Pubs, I discovered that Dutch traders would regularly visit the coast of West Mersea and frequent a pub still in existence called the Pendon Rose in Pendon just off the old Roman road onto the Island. I also found in Wapping a pub still in existence called the ‘Prospect of Whitby’ would have Dutch traders regularly staying or frequenting there, could it be your ancestor was there once or perhaps twice?
    If you look on another YouTube video titled ‘Mayflower Myths and Mysteries’ from about two weeks ago, the author talks about Myles Standish and the pub he would have frequented in Rotherhide in London, about 32 minutes into the video, enjoy.

    By Paul Butterworth (07/10/2020)

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