Childhood Memories

By Claire Morley

Claire Morley talks about her memories from her childhood growing up in Billericay.

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  • Thanks for your comment Paul. I would love it if anyone who attended the dances could add some detail.

    By Claire Morley (12/10/2020)
  • I think the description and memory of the dance at Billericay School just fantastic, It reminded me of a similar dance all be it a more modern one at Billericay School I would say around 4 years ago. It consisted of a Barn Dance, dressing up was advised, adults and children wore period type costumes, children running around, teenagers in the corridors chatting, and line dancing. Bring your own alcohol and again the Fish and Chips supper ordered for those who wanted it, it was a great night it really was, our children still talk about it. I believe it was organised by one of the parents, great idea, and good way to raise funds for the school.

    By Paul Butterworth (07/10/2020)

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