South Green

Photos from South Green

By Jim Devlin

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This page was added by Jim Devlin on 12/10/2011.
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Can any one else remember that there was an old boat in the field behind Connolly's farm near to the field boundary with the prefabs and towards Outward Common road. It was clearly visible from the bus stop. How did come to be in the field one wonders?

By Trevor Savage
On 14/05/2014

I guess this is about 1962 or 1963 because you can see Ben Curtis' Shop in the background. He is still open and working...

By Trevor Savage
On 14/05/2014

This photo is one of my Mum's, Joan Shirmer (nee Tucker) she still has the originals and negatives of many old pictures, not only South Green but also various parts of Billericay. 

By Lesley Cowles
On 11/09/2015

I remember the boat as being an old Lifeboat

By Paul Atkinson
On 16/09/2015

Can anybody help ? On the corner of Hickstars Lane was a pub that appears to be long gone. What was the name of this pub ? Letting me know will allow me to get some sleep. Thanks. 

By Don Joy
On 29/09/2015

The pub was called the Burstead Plough, an Ind Coope pub if I remember rightly. It was a sixties estate pub.

By Editor
On 13/02/2016

Guess you are thinking about The Burstead Plough Don?

By keith harvey
On 10/10/2015

Thanks Keith, that's been bugging me for weeks, can't even remember now how it came up ! Used to work at Ball Plastics and had wet lunches in there frequently. 

By Don Joy
On 12/10/2015