South Green

Photos from South Green

By Jim Devlin

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This page was added by Jim Devlin on 12/10/2011.
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I'm enjoying these photos very much - thank you for publishing!

I'm trying to place some of the photos, particularly this one. Can you advise more on the location of this photo?

Thank you.

By Emma N
On 01/06/2014

Thanks for your comment Emma. The photo shows the top end of Grange Road at South Green, with the green to the left side where the pub sign is. The building you can see is the Plough which later moved to the site on the corner of Hickstars Lane which was subsequently demolished to make way for a care home. The old pub building which you can see the gable end of is the Doctor's surgery and is now painted white.

By Editor
On 01/06/2014