3rd Billericay Cubs and 4th Billericay Scouts

By Ian Bennewith

When I was a Cub I went to the Church Hall which was opposite Buttsbury Junior School and it was the 3rd Billericay.  We had very good Arkalas; we had a Mrs Smith who lived over at Buckwyns, her brother ran a shop up the High Street where he used to sell vegetables. The other one was a lady who also lived over in that area and they were very good cub leaders.

Photo:The shed behind the Rising Sun

The shed behind the Rising Sun

Jim Devlin

When we reached the stage to go up to Scouts there was no existence of a 3rd Billericay Scouts there, so we were forced to go up to 4th Billericay which meant we had to go to the hall by the side of the Rising Sun.  My father went along to the first meeting and as a result of nobody else putting their name forward he was made Vice Chairman and he soon became Chairman of the 4th Billericay Scouts.


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I was in the 4th Billericay and I think remember your dad Ron? Did he design Ford's in Dagenham? I recall gong on a trip to see his design of the then new Ford Fiesta. My Dad, Ian was a leader with Brian Cummins and Ray (?). Good times.

By Alistair Millar
On 22/05/2011

My Father was G.S.L at the 4th Billericay - Geff Barrett

By Andy Barrett
On 08/06/2013

Whatever happened to the Second Billericay Cubs? They sometimes met in the Scout Hall in Laindon Road (just in front of the then Clinic) sometimes in the Mayflower Hall, and I remember them meeting at least once in the Rose Hall. The 'Arkela' used to be a Mrs Vanningsburg who used to own the garage in Stock Road opposite the railway station. We even met once above the garage in her living room.

By Robin Lockhart
On 20/08/2013

Does anyone remember 4th Billericay Scout Group moving to the building next to the Fire Station and whether they moved into the current building or whether there was another building there first ?

By Richard Clark
On 05/09/2013

I remember the scout hall being built my dad drew up the plans for it and I spent a lot of hours working there with him and Geoff Barrett. After the hall behind the Rising sun we were at the very small hall next to the Catholic church before the new hut was built, as I remember Ralph Reader [he of gang show fame] came and did the official opening.

By Martin Bishop
On 30/01/2014

I was a sixer in the pack at the 4th Billericay 1962-1965  and I have added my memories here.

By Trevor Savage
On 29/05/2014
By Trevor Savage
On 01/06/2014

My wife, Pauline, and I were Bagheera and Balou respectively in 6th Billericay (Apollo) for a number of years in the 80's. Richard Guppy was Akela whilst Sue Stevens was Akela of 6th Billericay (Mercury) - both meeting in the hall at the back of the Methodist Church in Western Road. We had some great times - cub camps at East Mersea, Danbury and Gilwell Park plus entering a float in the Billericay carnival on a number of occasions. The cubs loved doing that especially when we allowed them water pistols to fire at the crowd in the High Street!

Both our boys, Mark & David, played football for the pack and we were unbeaten for a number of years notwithstanding the fact that I sometimes had to rotate 20+ boys in order to give them all a go!

Happy days.

By Richard Lehman
On 21/07/2014

Hi Andy Barrett and Martin Bishop

I feel sure you'll remember my first husband, John Ashley who was a leader and later Akela of the 4th Billericay Cubscouts from about 1965 for I think about 5 years.  Sadly John died, age 77 about 5 years ago.  You will also remember our son, Paul Ashley who now works as a Berthing Manager at Felixstowe Port. Do you remember a great Cubscout holiday we all had at St Mary's Bay in Kent in about 1968?  We did a Grand Howl on the ramparts of Dover Castle. 

Embarrassing! I believe it was you, Martin, who inspired Paul to take up mountaineering as a hobby, albeit in a small way. How are you faring now, Andy and Martin?

By Angela Beer (formerly Angela Ashley)
On 08/08/2015


I came with you to St Mary's Bay as an assistant leader, that was a good week. I also helped John prepare the Cubs float for carnival. " Siesta before Fiesta".

By Ian Bishop
On 21/12/2015