A 60's trip down the High Street by car

A short film by Ian Rough

Another wonderful film by Ian Rough showing a trip by car starting just before the railway bridge in Stock road. The film shows the High Street before the car turns left into Sun Street, yes it was two way in those days. Notice on the right hand side in the High Street the hoarding where Hensman's Garage had stood (next to the Red Lion) and where now the Co-op store is. Much of the late 50's early 60's damage to the High Street has already happened and you can see many of the new buildings in this film.

Of note is the lack of roundabouts. The roundabout outside the Rising Sun did not appear until recently, but as the new road from Basildon had not yet been built there is no roundabout at the end of Chapel Street nor at the top of Bell Hill.

Enjoy a ride through the past and many thanks to Ian Rough for this archive film.

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Hi, This film is much later as the road Weir Wynd is shown this road apeared arround 1970.

By Trevor Savage
On 08/05/2014