4. Nos. 47 & 49

Clark's & Shadforths

By Jim Devlin

Photo: Illustrative image for the '4.   Nos. 47 & 49' page

Both buildings are of considerable age but with more modern brick frontages.

On the right is the Curtis Shoe shop, No. 47, now occupied by Clark's shoes. This shop was damaged in the fire of March 2011, but reopened in December of the same year.

The building has a history as a shoe shop as there are records that show that this building was Morris's Boot and Shoemaker in the 1920's.

The shop on the left is number 49 and currently is Shadforth's Chemist shop. In the photograph the sign over the door reads "E.H. Davies, Dispensing Chemist" so here too is a long association with a trade. All the signs in the window relate to photography, although below the window the sign has the word ending in an unconventional "ie". It is interesting to reflect that only a few years ago, before digital photographs became common, we all had to use chemist shops to get out photos developed. A clear indication of how the world changes!

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