Thomas and Edward Liddall Armitage

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By Jim Devlin

Thomas Liddall Armitage (1856–1924) and Edward Liddall Armitage (1887–1967), father & son were both artists and the family had a house in Perry St., Billericay.

Edward gave his address during WW1 as Woodside, Perry Street on his medals application. We can't find a house named Woodside in Perry Street, however there was a Woodside Road which had only  five houses and it may have been that he lived at one of these. Unfortunately this whole area was redeveloped and Woodside Road no longer exists as a road and has become a footpath through to the housing area built in the 1970s off Queens Park Avenue.

In 1927 the Barnsley Chronicle had an article about Edward and called him "the Barnsley Artist" and thus the Barnsley Art On Your Doorstep group have published an article about their art which can be read by clicking on the logo above.

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