Summer at Sun Corner in the 1970's

The Play Hut

By Claire Morley

When I was about nine or ten during the mid 1970’s the school Summer holidays always seemed long, hot and sunny. As the days passed boredom soon set in, fortunately the Council came to the rescue with the Play Hut.  This was basically a small corrugated tin shed on the bottom part of Sun Corner.  It was filled with basic equipment to help us amuse ourselves and manned by an adult supervisor.

I remember there was a thick course rope with a big knot at the bottom tied to one of the big trees as a swing – this was always popular.  Also stilts – not easy on rough grass and uneven ground!  I particularly remember one day when a group were playing cricket - I ended up in the firing line of a well hit ball as I was passing and took a direct hit to the stomach.  It did not stop me returning another day!

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Does anyone have any photos taken on Sun Corner in the 70's?

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