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Does anybody know an ATTRIDGE. I'm searching for my family and all I know is they were living and working in Great Burstead in 1870s on the land, perhaps for a farm.

Can anyone help?

 Many thanks

By pippa portsmouth
On 10/07/2014

I have a few Attridges in my extended family tree for the right place and time - if you would like to get in touch I can give you their details. It may help your search. 

I also remember my mother Hazel Morley talking of an Attridge family living in School Road, Billericay in the late 1930's / early 1940's.  The Attridges are an 'old' Billericay family.

The webmaster can put us in touch.

By Claire Morley
On 11/07/2014

My mother is from the Attridge family in School Road, she's 90 still living in Billericay and she uses the Internet, Skype, EMail etc. Please get in touch with me initially if you like.

By Phil Sherry
On 28/08/2014

hello, Pippa.

I don't know if this is of any help.

I worked with a Les Attridge for some years (1993--2000 approx) when he was a gardener at Tylde Hall Farm, working for  Albert Charles Butt. He lived in Lilford Road, off the Norsey Road in Billericay, and had a lovely German wife. He was a very interesting man, and used to keep bees at the farm. As far as I know, he had no children, but he did have a brother in western Australia, who he visited while I knew him.

If this is any assistance, I could email you a photo of him.

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By Mary Luton
On 14/09/2014