8. Nos. 57 & 59

Brown Sugar

By Jim Devlin

Photo: Illustrative image for the '8.  Nos. 57 & 59' page

Nos. 57, 59 & 61 were originally one house known as The Chantry, a name that probably derives from the Chantry Chapel opposite and may have been the site of the priest's house.  Thie whole building is a timber framed house of a central hall type with a gabled cross-wing on the north and south ends built around 1510, although ther are views that it may have origins that go back to the late 1300's.

It is said that this building was the one that the local contingent of the Mayflower Pilgrims met here on the night before leaving to join the ship. It is also said that Christopher Martin, who was in charge of provisioning the Mayflower, lived in this house.

The photograph shows No. 59 as the family butcher E. Smith and the front of the shop is adorned with the traditional glased bricks common on butcher's premises which would have been mainly white with the darker bricks being green and brown. Number 57, at that time, was still a private house.

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