1. Nos. 81 & 83

By Jim Devlin

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These two buildings were built in the late 17th Century and sadly demolished in 1972 to be replaced by a row of modern shops.

The upstairs window second from the left is only painted on in a window recess. A similar window is on the Cater Museum. On the right hand side is No. 81 which at this time was occupied by F.E. Farrer, the undertakers. It is believed that No 83 was empty when the photograph was taken. For many years it had been occupied by Miss Polly, a dressmaker and was then empty for many years after her death.

On the road outside a Morris Minor convertible is parked - there were no parking restrictions in those days and of course very few cars that would want to park.

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Miss Lilian polley was my aunt, why I am telling you this because there is an "e" in her name. Also she got all the materials from Miss Shelleys.

By David polley
On 30/12/2012

Looking at the picture the room right to the door was her work room and to the left was the fitting room. Also my grandfather was a butcher in the town I have a picture of him and my aunt

By David polley
On 30/12/2012