School Reunion 2001

Windmills of Your Mind

To the tune of “Windmills of Your Mind”

Like a thought within a memory, a wheel within a wheel
Like a mist within a smoke haze it describes the way I feel
Like a face that has grown faceless and a past that won’t return
Like the lessons on the blackboard that will always stay unlearned
Like a time that will stay timeless on a clock whose hands won’t move
And the friends whose love and kindness even saints cannot improve
Our school motif you will find
Is just a windmill in your mind

Like the marbles in the playground and the conkers on a string
Like the trombone of Doug Nixon or Ruth Meeson’s posturing
Like the left hook of Rae Drury in defence of women’s rights
Like Ray Curtis and John Lutkin who would not refuse a fight
Like the guitar of our Ivor and Dave Byers Javelin
And the marks Keith Ransom strives for and the game Tuff Talbot wins
Our school motif you will find
Is just a windmill in your mind

Like the thrashings from old Goldwyn gaily wielding cane and birch
And the chest of our Miss Alford that put two stretch marks in her shirts
And the nose of Sharky Butler which deserved its own post code
And the balding Mr Roslyn’s literary knowledge he bestowed
And the kindly Mr Howard and the handy Robinson
And Brown and Hope and Huggett taught us well most everyone
Our school motif you will find
Is just a windmill in your mind

And the windmill just keeps turning and the years rotate in kind
And we hope we’ll be returning over years our friends to find
So give your thanks to Linda Turner and to Terry and to Phil
They all deserve a little earner for the time they had to kill
And for all of those now wending through this work of plagiary
Just thank your stars you could attend and spare a thought for those like me
And have a drink to celebrate
Who couldn’t make it on this date

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