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This photo has recently come to light at my home in New South Wales, Australia, and I would like to share with everyone back in Billericay.

Click on the photo for a large image. This is a very high quality photo so once the photo is enlarged to full screen zoom in using your browser settings.

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  • I should have gone to Specsavers! I have just blown the picture up and it turns out that I am number 25 from the left on the top row and I seem to have gained a sister! That is not Maureen third from the right on the bottom row! Apologies – my mistake.

    By Gerald Jackson (20/11/2018)
  • Hi Gerald, it cannot be your sister bottom row 3 in, as that is me,
    Val Harris (Barber). The first one in is Jennifer ?, the 2nd one Wendy Miles, and me 3rd.

    By Val Harris (20/11/2018)
  • Hello John. Do you remember me? I used to serve you and your mum in Nix Chemist. I am in the photo, 10 along in top row on right. My sister Maureen is on bottom row, 3 in from right. This photo taken a couple of months before I left. I was in Mr Butlers class the last year.

    By Gerald Jackson (17/11/2018)
  • Hello John
    I too have this photo and showed it to my grandchildren a few days ago . I am the girl 3rd from the end in the top back row .

    By Marie ( Fitch) Bartlett (15/11/2018)
  • I recall well Terry Lockhart’s summary of the Masters who taught us.

    By Stephen T Wilkie (08/11/2018)

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