Grange Cottage

Great Burstead

This is the house I lived in from about 1953/4 to 1958 called Grange Cottage, Kennel Lane. It belonged to Mr Ellis of Grange Farm, Mill Rd. To the right of the cottage can be seen a hedge which divided the garden from the terraced house on the corner of Mill Rd and Kennel Lane and so it was the first house on the right of Kennel Lane. 

On the left was a concrete path to the rear which had a shed and an earth closet; at the back of shed the front door opened into the living/dining room and the stair door. Behind this door, on the left, the stair was steep and turned 45 degrees so that the treads were wide one side and very narrow the other. After my mother fell carrying my brother and broke her ankle I helped my father change it so it came out into the kitchen. The sheet at the window in the photo was an old trick to stop the glass misting on washdays. More tales of this house will follow.

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  • This was one of three cottages owned by Mr. Ellis, the farmer. The other two can be found here.

    By Editor (20/02/2017)

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